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Thames - Bankside

The part of the river from Southwark Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge. Main areas include the Tate Modern and the Millennium Footbridge. The Tate Modern chimney is a favourite perch for Peregrine Falcons and one or two birds can often be observed there. The RSPB organise a regular stall in the summer months, with telescopes available for interested people to view the birds. The trees (primarily birch) and bushes around the Tate are also attractive to common breeding birds and migrants, with 6-8 species of warbler recorded on passage in most years, occasional Spotted Flycatchers and even a Common Redstart in 2019. On the river, all the common gull species are regular, including Great Black-backed Gulls which can often be seen perching on Bankside Pier or eating dead fish (and the occasional feral pigeon!) on the shoreline. Yellow-legged Gull and Mediterranean Gull are very occasional visitors, although both were seen during 2021.

Current species list available on the Tate Modern eBird hotspot

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