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Cows grazing on Croxley Common Moor

Croxley Common Moor is an area of 100 acres of grassland near the village of Croxley, Hertfordshire. It has been registered as s Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to the rarity of its plant life. The moor is owned by Three Rivers District Council in partnership with Countryside Management  Service and the Friends of Croxley Common Moor . The moor is situated 100 yards from Croxley Underground station: Map .


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Cinnabar moth cataerpillar on a Ragworth plant

More than 250 different species of plants have been recorded. The open character and special plants of Croxley Common Moor are a result of centuries of commoners grazing livestock. Nowadays about 5 cows graze the moor in the summer. The adjacent river Gade gives the moor a typical valley appearance and the volunteers try to keep the original habitat by weeding the Ragworth, except when the Cinnabar moths (Tyria Jacobaeae) are feeding from them.


2013-08-03 Croxley Common Moor 002

Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus)

Various butterflies, moths and other insects can be found, such as the various blues (Licaenidae) or the Small Tortoishell (Aglais Urticae).


As with any grassland near a river, various small and larger birds can be found at the moor. There have been sightings of Little Egret, Goldcrest, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Yellow Wagtail and even of a Common Tern but the area has an abundance of food for almost any bird. In the summer, there are nesting Skylarks.

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