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Welcome to the watercooler11:51, 14 December 2009


Does anyone agree with me that the London Bird Club Latest News page should be reserved for genuine birding news and not be allowed to get clogged up with trivial site records such as “20+ Woodpigeon, 4+ Magpie”?

Detailed observations of common species undoubtedly have their value in identifying fluctuations in numbers locally. And I have no objection whatsoever to birders placing such records on the London Bird Club website. However, I think they are more appropriately positioned on a Local Patch page or on an individual birder’s personal page rather than on Latest News, where they may detract from genuinely newsworthy sightings.

I assume that the Latest News page has two main purposes: its primary aim is to help London birders by letting them know about interesting species currently to be seen in the London area; its secondary function is to provide records to assist the compilers of the annual London Bird Report. Sightings that are not newsworthy enough to be of general interest should, in my view, be kept off the Latest News page and recorded elsewhere on the site.

Andrew Haynes

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