Nonsuch Park is located in between the villages of Ewell and Cheam. It is one of the old Tudor deer-hunting parks (though no deer are present today).

The park is underwatched and has potential. It is made up of an old farm, gardens, scrub, woodland, grassland, playing fields, two small ponds and a tiny network for small streams.

Whinchats are regular on passage and Hobbies have made regular appearances lately. Both Little and Tawny Owls are resident. Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers are resident, with Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers historically reported, but less so in recent years. The Avenue, the main, concrete road/path running along the path has seen Bramblings recently and Siskins and Lesser Redpolls are regular towards the south western half of the park. There is plenty of habitat for migrants and it is certainly worth taking up as a local patch.

Blog regarding the park: [1][2]

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