The table below shows the totals for sites with over 175 species with a link to each site’s annotated species list.

Site Species Position
Rainham Marshes 267 1st
London Wetland Centre 254 2nd
Brent Reservoir 251 3rd
Beddington Farmlands 250 4th
Sevenoaks 230 5th
Dartford Marshes 229 =6th
Thamesmead 229 =6th
Rye Meads 226 8th
Amwell NR 217 =9th
Hilfield Park Reservoir 217 =9th
Staines Reservoir 213 11th
Walthamstow Reservoirs 206 12th
Richmond Park 205 13th
Swanscombe Marshes 201 14th
Regent's Park 197 =15th
Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens 197 =15th
Staines Moor 189 17th
Hampstead Heath 184 18th
Stocker's Lake 182 19th

Creating your own site listEdit

If you wish to create your own site list either leave a message on my Talk Page or open up the template in source mode, copy it and paste it in to a new page called ‘Site list XXXX’.

Once you’ve got the page then you can add in the details.

All rarities must have been accepted by BBRC or a county rarities committee and a published reference must be given. Full details for common birds need not be given but a simple status should be used, e.g. Resident, Annual visitor etc; for the reference you can add your own name.

Species not seen can either be left blank or the lines deleted.

Please follow the same listing criteria that apply to the Patchlist competition and acceptance in the London Bird Report, for example escaped birds do not count. If the site extends beyond the 20 mile radius from St Paul’s then only those species that have occurred within that limit (the London Area) can be counted so the list shown for Amwell NR excludes species known to have occurred outside the London Area.

I’ll add in new sites that have over 150 species to the above table but anyone can update the species totals.

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