All news should be welcome on this community (ie not subscribed rarity email service) noticeboard. All levels of birders should be allowed to participate, and should be encouraged by others. Birding is not just ticking off rarities. (M Bournat)


Also, some common birds at certain sites can generate interest. Take a duck pond, for example, that hasn't had Moorhens present for 20 years. Then one day a Moorhen shows up out of nowhere and takes up residence. Hey presto, you have an interesting common bird. (Katy M.)


I agree with all the comments on here and I found the comment under Robert's posting on 10th January particularly insulting. I do not know Robert personally but know that he has contributed thousands of valuable bird records to the LNHS since the 1980's - this includes many common birds and a good number of rarities, not forgetting a superb first for London in 2005.


This is an interesting debate and I hope more people will contribute to it. for my part I mainly agree with the comments above but surely if you see a Moorhen at a site where there has been none for 20 years then this is indeed newsworthy and therefore requires an explanatory note. Otherwise if you have news about Wrens and Blue Tits then please put the Firecrests in bold.(Derek Turner)


Hi all, as the moderator of this site I have posted some general guidance about what type of news should be posted on latest news so I don't propose to repeat myself. However I'm not the one who leaves unnecessary (and occasionally snide) comments when people have posted news that doesn't meet this criteria. This is a community website and I would like to see people treated as adults. Sometimes 'common birds' are unusual or even rare at a particular site but people should make this clear in their posting. Records such as "one Blue Tit in my garden" are not what this site is for - even the LNHS do not collect such trivial information. Andrewself 15:13, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

Hi there

I'm looking to contact either Jon Ridge or Joe Dickens, who frequent the Pinner Park Farm patch regarding sightings of Little Owls for a film I am making next week. Any help much appreciated.

sophie.morgan'at' 17:28, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

I was wondering if any of the birders frequenting Gallions Reach could help me out. I visit the area quite a lot, and have never seen the number of waders often on the Latest News page. I wondered if I was visiting the wrong place (though can't find anywhere else), or simply at the wrong time of day? I watch from the viewpoint at the end of Atlantis Avenue, and occasionally walk upriver to woolwich. I usually visit around midday.


BirdBoyBen 18:37, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

I'm starting a new blog about the birds of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park in an effort to partly replace Des McKenzie's defunct blog. I can't match Des's expertise and it's an amateur effort, but I'm hoping that comments from visitors will make it worth reading.

Ralph Hancock 18:55, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

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