Charlie Farrell

(aka chazzyf on numerous message boards)

I think that my interest in birds started after a visit to the cinema to see Kes which started a life-long interest in raptors (so much more sexy a classification than 'Birds of Prey', as we used to refer to them), not that there were many around in my part of North Manchester. Summer holidays to North Wales and Northumberland provided opportunities to spot species that were a bit more out of the ordinary (for me), but as schoool led to University and the persuit of other interests, the birding dropped away.

UK vacations in 2006 onwards provided opportunities to re-discover my interest in birding, but It never really ocurred to me that I might find much of interest in the NW10/Willesden Junction area where I have lived for 20 years. A visit to Wormwood Scrubbs during a rare day off work in June 2009 was intended only to be a bit of exercise, however during my visit I saw the noticeboard where David Lindo had posted a list of the species seen the previous month and I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of birds which had been seen.

Since then I have been swapping visits to the gym for walks around the scrubbs, usually in the morning, but never particularly early. For variety, I might pop into St Mary's Cemetary or Kensal Green Cemetary. I work in IT in the city and may occasionally get a few minutes to do some lunchtime birding at Bankside, St Pauls or around the Barbican.

My other main interest is Music and I can also be found on Facebook and

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